Creating a correct import file: CSV

In order for the import of subscribers to function smoothly, it is important that the import file is created in a correct way. Below follows instructions on how your import file should be created.
  • Headers - The first row of the CSV file should be used as the row for your headers. A header should be included for all your values (demographic data) that you want to import, such asEmailNameCountryCode and Mobile Number. Separate each header with a comma. The headers should only contain the characters a - z and numbers, no special characters or blanks.
  • File name - The file name should not contain any blanks or special characters: &*\/?"<>|~()!'^.
  • Enter one subscriber per row (in one cell) and separate each value with a comma - Enter one subscriber per row, where each value is separated with a comma. If you are creating your CSV-file in Excel, all the headers should be entered in the first column (A) and the subscribers should be entered in the following cells below.
  • File size - The file should be no larger than 8 megabyte (Mb).
  • Country code - When you import mobile numbers (for SMS sendings) you also need to import the country code for the mobile number. Without it, there might be a risk of the SMS messages failing to reach the subscribers.
Accepted formats:
  • Mobile number
Accepted formats:
  • Date /  date of birth
Accepted formats: