» Import subscribers from an Excel or CSV file
In this guide you will learn how to import subscribers from an Excel file or a CSV file to a mailing list.
This requires that you have already created an import file (Excel or CSV) containing your subscribers and, if any, demographic data. In order for the import to work, the file needs to follow a certain structure. Please look at our guides below on how to create a correct import file.
1. Open the mailing list you want to import your subscribers to.

2. Click the Add tab in your mailing list and select the method for import named Import from Excel, Access or CSV.

3. Click the Browse button and select the Excel or CSV file you want to import.

4. Then click the Go to step 2 button.

5. In step 2 you should match the columns in your address file against the available data fields on your APSIS Pro account. To the right you will find your import file's column headings and to the left are the demographic data fields you have previously created in APSIS Pro account. To match the columns, click on a column heading to the right and drag it onto a corresponding demographic data field to the left.

If you are importing from an Excel file, you need to first select the Excel sheet you want to import from.

6. Click the Go to step 3 button.

7. In step 3 you are offered some choices on how to handle email addresses already present on the mailing list or on your account:

  • Subscription format - Choose whether the subscribers by default should receive HTML based (i.e. with images and formatting) or text based emails.
  • Update subscriber data - Check this option if you want to update any demographic data for existing subscribers.
  • Clear the list before import - Use this option with caution. With this option checked, you will erase all previous data on this mailing list. This action cannot be undone. After deleting all subscriber data, the list will be updated with the new subscriber data from the import file.  All previous subscribers on the mailing list that are not on the import file, nor subscribers on any other mailing list on the account, will be moved to the list of Subscribers without subscriptions.

    Read more » About: Subscribers without subscriptions
  • Disable duplicate check - Check this option to allow import of duplicate email addresses on the mailing list.

8. Finally, click the Import button.

The import of subscribers will now be placed in a queue and started shortly. An icon  next to the mailing list will indicate that the import is queued.  Update your web browser (Hit F5 on PC, or Command + R on Mac) to see the current status of the import.
After the import has been completed, an import summary will be available. Click the icon  next to the mailing list in order to view the summary.