Invite a user to your account

Invite a co-worker to get access to your account and choose which user profile access he/she should have to the account. The user profile will determine which user rights your co-worker will have.

Once you have sent an invitation, your co-worker will receive an invitation email including an activation link. By clicking the activation link in the email, this person will be able to set up his/her user with access to the account.

Do the following:

1. Login to your account.

2. Open the main Account tab on your account.

3. Click to open the Users tab.

4. Click the Add new button in the Apsis Pro – Add new user section.

5. Enter your co-worker’s email address in the text box and select the user profile group you want to set.

6. Then click the Send Invite button to send the invitation.

Your co-worker will receive an email with an activation link to set up a user and get access to the account.  

Your co-worker will have to set the same (or higher) security level on their user as the security level you have set for your account.