Designing the form can be done in three ways:

  1. Adapt the websites CSS onto the form.

When you have implemented the form on your website, the form will automatically adapt the CSS-styling, so that the form will look like the rest of your website. This works in most CMS, depending on how you have setup the CSS. If you are using a CMS that is built up with form-tags (e.g. EpiServer or SiteCore), you would need to tick the "Replace form-tag with div-tag" checkbox in the Form settings.

  1. Create a Template of your own using the internal Template Builder

To create a Form Template, press Templates in the top menu and then Create New.

Under Template Settings, start by naming the template. Once this is done, you can design the form. All the settings are on the left hand side (size, fonts, colours etc), and the output/result is displayed on the right hand side so that you can see exactly how the form will look.

Once you have chosen and applied a design, press Save Template.

  1. Create a Template of your own using CSS

If you want to apply your own CSS instead of using our Template builder, click Custom Templates in the top menu, then choose Template style = Form and apply your code there. Then press Save.

Once you have created a template of your own, go back to the form that you created, press Settings then change the template under “Template Name”, and press Save.