The APSIS One platform has a common framework for all parts, for easy navigation. 

The main areas of APSIS are as follows:

  • One Login
    APSIS One provides one common login for the entire platform and its tools.

  • Entry page
    An entry page provides basic tutorials to quickly get you started.

  • Calendar/Information Center
    In the calendar you get a clear overview of all your marketing activities and can schedule new activities, add notes and to-dos. Here you easily can see where you left of the last time, and in the Information Center see coming events.

  • Tools
    Under tools you find all the tools you need to create your marketing activities. Your enabled tools will be displayed here, and new tools will be provided continuously.

  • Insights
    APSIS One provides you with the insights you need to make sense of data across a myriad of channels and touchpoints. Gain in-depth understanding of your audience to predict and influence their next move. Smarter decision making, made easy. In this first release, we will have an oversight of website traffic.

  • Audience
    The audience feature in APSIS One provides you with easy and instant access to the most relevant data for your customers, contacts and subscribers. This gives you a holistic customer view with the power to build fine-tuned segments and profiles. All in one place. This feature is coming soon.

  • Support
    Our support portal provides a knowledge management for all things about APSIS One and all our legacy products and services.