This task describes how to setup your APSIS One account the first time. These settings can later be edited from Profile & Settings in the Information Center, see section Profile & Settings.

Before you start

To complete this task, your APSIS One account must have been enabled, and you must have logged in to APSIS One the first time, see section Logging in for the first time.

To set up you account, you also need the following:

  • An email address
  • For 2-step verification, you need a phone to receive SMS or a verification code from Google Authenticator.
  • To install the tracking script, you need write access to the main page of your site

Follow these steps

When you log in the first time, you must approve the terms of software license agreement:

  1. Carefully read the terms of agreement.
  2. Click AGREE to accept the terms of agreement.

If you do not agree and click DISAGREE, a contact form opens so you can contact APSIS support for further information:

 The APSIS One Setup Wizard opens:


3.  Under the 1. Update your user profile, click Update Now.
    The user profile settings appears:

4.  Enter your name, email address and phone number (including country prefix).
5.  Click Update profile to save your profile.
6.  Under 2. Set up 2-step verification, you can enable 2-step verification.
     The 2-step verification settings:

     2-step verification is supported via SMS or Google Authenticator. For more information about Google Authenticator, see
7.  Click the toggle buttons to turn each option on or off:



8.  Click Save to save the settings, or click No thanks to skip 2-step verification.
9.  Under Verify your domain, click Verify Now.
     The email address that you are using to send your campaigns from will be verified.  
10. Under 4 Install your tracking script, click Install now.
     The Install your Tracking script settings appears:

     The tracking script is used to gather web statistics from your web sites. To activate this you need to copy the tracking script to your web site.
11. Click Copy tracking script to copy the script.
12. Paste the tracking script into the Head-section of your main HTML page (all sub pages will also be tracked).
     Note: A web site can only have one tracking script.

13. Under 5. Get familiar with APSIS One, you can view the APSIS One tutorials by clicking on the play button.
     When you have completed all tutorials, the text Completed will be shown
14. Click Skip to close the Setup Wizard.