The following describes how to login to your APSIS One account. When you login the first time, you need to set up your account, see section Logging in for the first time.

Before you start

To complete this task, your APSIS One account must have been enabled and you must have set up your APSIS account the first time, see section Setting up your account.

Depending on your account settings, you might need to login with 2-step verification. For this you need a phone to receive a verification code.

Follow these steps

1.    Open your web browser and go to

        The APSIS One login page opens:


2.    Enter your APSIS Pro credentials and click LOGIN.

        If 2-step verification is enabled for you account, The Two-factor Authentication window opens, otherwise continue from step 4.

3.    Follow the instruction on the screen to enter your verification code from the phone.

        The APSIS One Entry page opens, see section The APSIS One Entry page.

4.    On the APSIS One Entry page, click Go to APSIS One.

        The Calendar page opens, see section Calendar.