The Calendar is the start page for APSIS One and gives you an overview of all your events.

There are three types of events that can be shown in the calendar:

  • Platform generated events
    Events that come from tools, activities and actions in the APSIS software, like email send outs and scheduled sendings.
  • User generated events
    To-dos created by the users
  • System generated events
    Events from APSIS, like maintenance notices, marketing promotions, release dates, events and webinars.

At the top of the page, shortcuts to the two latest activities are shown, together with a button to create a new activity.

  • To open one of the latest activities, click on its title and the activity will be shown in its corresponding tool.
  • To create a new activity, click the Create New Activity button, see section Creating a new activity.
  • To search for other activities, click the Search for other activities... link, see section Search.

Calendar views and icons

Under the heading “This is what’s happening this month..” the Calendar shows a view of the current month with icons for all activities. There are different icons depending on the type of activity, see section Calendar icons The number in the icons indicates the number of events of of this type.

  • To change month, click the arrow buttons to the left or right of the calendar.
    To view an activity, click the activity icon.
  • The activity titles will be show below the current row:

    Click on the activity title to open the activity in its corresponding tool.
  • To view a more detailed view of the current week, click on the week icon at the upper right of the calendar.
    The calendar is show in week view, with a list of activities for each day:

  • To show the month view, click the month icon  at the upper right of the calendar.
    The calendar is show in month view.

Calendar icons

The icons for the events in the calendar are as follows:


APSIS events and webinars

Maintenance Notices

Marketing Promotions


Creating a new activity

This task describes how to create a new activity. New activities can be created with the available tools and will be visible in the Calendar page.

Follow these steps

  1. On the Calendar page, click Create New Activity.
    The Tools page opens.
  2. Select the tool you want to work with.
    The tool is opened.
  3. Create the activity in the tool.
    The activity will be displayed as an icon in the Calendar page.