In the Search panel, you can perform a free text search across the APSIS One parts and tools. You can search object titles of the following items:

  • Pro Newsletters
  • Pro SMS
  • Pro Landing pages (Articles)
  • Pro Surveys
  • Pro Email Sendings
  • SMS Sendings

The following items are not included in the search:

  • Notes
  • Todos
  • Audience
  • Insight
  • Marketing Automation
  • Forms
  • Triggers
  • Event sendingsĀ 

Performing a search

This task describes how to perform a search.

Follow these steps

  1. In the Information Center, click the search icon.
    The Search panel opens.
  2. Enter a search phrase in the Search box and press Enter, or click on a search title in the Recent searches list.
    The search results are shown.
  3. Click on a search result title to open the object.
    The object opens in the corresponding tool.

Search results

When a search has been done, the search results are listed in the Search panel with a type icon, title and date when the item was created or sent.

Clicking on a search result title opens the item in its corresponding tool.

Search result icons

Email activity in progress (draft)

Event activity in progress (draft)

Email activity complete

Recent searches

When you click the search icon, the Search panel is opened and displays your most recent searches.
Here you can either enter a new search phrase in the Search box, or click on a previous search phrase.