In order to set specific settings for your flow, you can go to Flow Settings and edit a few additional details and rule-sets about your flow. Note that all these settings are on a FLOW level, so these settings only applies for the flow that you are in at the moment.

Name = see and change the name of the flow

Responsible = who is the responsible user for the flow (e.g. the one who owns and can edit the flow)

Limit the starts of this flow = select how many times a person can enter the flow. E.g. if you select for example 1, the same person can only enter the flow once and if they try to enter again; they will not start.

Language setting = select what language the OptOut-page in MA should have. If you want to make additional settings on the content of the page, you can change that in the text boxes below.

Don't start objects that are active = if you activate this, you can choose that persons who enter this flow will not start if they are already in the flow, or in any other flow. This is to control how many flows a person can be in at the same time.

Remember to hit Save after you have made your settings!

Delete = delete the flow and all the data in the flow

Copy = makes a copy of the flow and places it as a copy in the Activities view