APSIS One provides you with the insights you need to make sense of data across a multitude of channels and touchpoints. Gain in-depth understanding of your audience to predict and influence their next move. Smarter decision making, made easy. In this first release, you will have an oversight of website traffic.

To get statistics from your web site, the Tracking script must have been installed on your site,
see section Editing your account settings

The Insights page contains the follow information:

  • Visitors vs Email Audience
    This visualisation shows session data as collected with the APSIS One tracking script from your website and gives you a breakdown of all visitors and those that has been identified by their email.
    All visitors: Total unique session visits over the last 14 clays on the website.
    Email audience: Unique session visits over the last 14 days where the email audience is known.
  • Devices
    All total visits from desktop, tablet and mobile by audience profile over the last 14 days.
  • Channels
    Total session visits by channel: Social Media (Facebook), Email, Search, Other (links from other sites or manual navigation).
  • Top countries
    Total unique session visits by country and total unique session visits by country where the email audience is known.
  • Engagement
    All audience engagement with website vs email audience on website
    Interest - visitor viewed more than one page.
    Bounce - who viewed only one page and then closed website.